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Remote control your camera and your photos will be forwarded directly to your Dropbox or FTP server.


Everything you need to create long term timelapse videos of your project and share a landing page with friends.


For professionals, who want more storage space, unlimited video renderings and a custom branded landing page.

First 14 days for free*
Remote Camera Control
Monitoring & Notifications
1 recipient
unlimited recipients
unlimited recipients
Image Forwarding (to Dropbox or FTP)
Live Image
Image Sharing via E-Mail, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook
TimelapseStudio (create timelapse videos in 4K quality)
4 videos/month
unlimited videos
Sharing Landing Page
Custom branded Sharing Landing Page
Sharing code to embed in Websites
€ 12,-

€ 9,-

excl. VAT

Monthly per camera
€ 35,-

€ 29,-

excl. VAT

Monthly per camera
€ 59,-

€ 49,-

excl. VAT

Monthly per camera

*First 14 days for free is valid for your first camera only.


  • Do I need an extra smartphone for this?
    Yes. Using TimelapseRobot means that you mount a smartphone over a long period of time on a fixed location. This mounted smartphone can be an old, spare one, that you've got lying around at home anyway. Or maybe an extra bought one fitting your projects budget!
  • I think I have found a bug. What shall I do?
    Oh no, that's unfortunate! Please use our bug-report form to tell us your experience and we will be in touch right away!
  • Can I use all camera functions my smartphone offers?
    Usually your smartphone comes with a camera app made by your smartphones manufacturer (Samsung, Huawei, …) that offers a whole lot of functions. Accessing all camera functions requires an advanced camera library, which is still unstable when being used over a long period of time. That’s the reason why we chose a more stable running library for our TimelapseRobot app with limited camera functions. So it might be the case that your phone model offers three different lenses, but we can only access one or two of them.
  • Does TimelapseRobot work with every phone?
    TimelapseRobot was designed to work with every Android device running Android 8 or higher. However, because of the unlimited variety of different smartphone models out there we are not able to test TimelapseRobot on every single model. That's why we offer a free 14 day trial for your first registered camera, so you can test that everything is working just fine. If you find your smartphone not working with our app or our weatherproof housing, please just tell us and of course we will refund your money!
  • Will TimelapseRobot work without an internet connection?
    Yes, but: For connecting the app with your account and to change camera- and interval-settings you need an internet connection. But once all is set up, your phone will shoot photos and store them locally on your phone no matter if it has an internet connection or not. Once the internet connection is restored TimelapseRobot will upload all taken photos to your account. When a photo was uploaded successfully, it will be deleted off your phones local storage.
  • How does charging my phone work?
    When purchasing our weather proof housing in our shop you will get a weather proof charging cable of 3 Meters length as well. This way you can plug your phone into any power socket with the right USB adapter. If no power socket is available at your location you can charge your phones with a powerbank. Furthermore, we are currently working on a solar power solution, which will be available in our shop soon.
  • Does it work on iPhone too?
    The shooting device has to be an Android phone, because this has to run our Android app. Remote controlling this shooting device can happen from any phone (Android or iPhone), laptop or PC via our Web-App. So controlling an Android phone via an iPhone is possible, but at the moment not the other way around.
  • Do I need to purchase the weatherproof housing?
    No. You can use the TimelapseRobot app without our housing or even build your own!
  • What does beta version mean?
    The smartphone app released at this moment is the first beta version. This means that it should be fully functional and has been extensively tested by us. We have released it for other users outside of our company to use. However, we cannot guarantee that everything works properly at any given time. If you find a bug or encounter any issues that are not working as expected, please use our bug report form or contact us via so that we can try to resolve or fix it in future versions of our app and web-app.
  • Is TimelapseRobot for free?
    Downloading the app, creating an account at and using our timelapse community is 100% free. For operating the app via our web-app you will have to choose one of our three different pricing plans. To give you the opportunity to test TimelapseRobot to the bones we offer the first 14 days of your first camera for free. If you cancel your plan within these first 14 days your account will not be charged.
  • Is this enough storage space?
    The short answer is: Yes! We calculated the storage space to fit a common 12-month-project: With an average file size of 7MB per smartphone picture, 150GB of storage fits over 21.000 images. This will result in a video with a length of 14 minutes. However, if you need more storage because of a higher file size or a faster shooting interval, you can always purchase a top up of your storage space with a payment of 5€/month for an additional 100GB.
  • How do the subscription models work?
    Downloading the app, creating an account at and using our timelapse community is 100% free. We don’t charge per user or project but per camera. This way you can mix and match plans together if you want to operate several cameras at once and only for as long as you need them.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade plans at any time?
    Yes. When upgrading or downgrading, you will be put on your newly chosen plan immediately. If upgrading only the difference to your current plan will be charged. If downgrading the difference between the two plans will be subtracted as a discount for you the following month. Please note that if you are downgrading to a plan with less storage space than you currently already use with this camera, that your camera will continue to shoot and upload photos, but they will not be saved until you purchase additional storage. All images taken up to the point of downgrading will stay in your account - we will not delete any images as long as you are on an active plan.
  • Can I purchase more storage space if I need it?
    Yes, if you need more storage space because of a higher file size or a faster shooting interval or your project takes longer than expected, you can always purchase a top up of your storage space with a payment of 5€/month for an additional 100GB. Just go to your cameras Setup-tab and click the "Buy Addon" button. Purchasing an addon can take up to 1 hour to take effect.
  • What happens when I cancel my subscription?
    As all our plans run on a monthly interval, you can cancel your subscription at any given time. Your plan will be available until the next time point when a new payment would have been due. After that you have an additional 30 days to secure all your footage, before we will delete it permanently.
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