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 Construction Timelapse 
 made quick and easy.

Smartphone in weatherproof housing

a Smartphone.

Your simple solution to create Construction Timelapse Videos.
a Smartphone or other Devices.
Connect, Control and Monitor your Cameras from anywhere!

No credit card required.

Laptop with TimelapseRobot Dashboard opened

Construction Timelapse
finally made
easy and affordable!


Choose Your Gear

Take any Android smartphone,
IP-Camera or GoPro (coming soon).


Link Your Devices

Start Creating Timelapses


Monitor and share your projects from anywhere. Transform your photos into captivating timelapse videos with a simple click.

Sign Up here, get the App, and effortlessly connect your shooting devices to your TimelapseRobot account.

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Hear it from our Users!

"TimelapseRobot is a beautifully designed service that makes capturing a long timelapse very simple. I love the design of the web app and how easy it is to schedule the photo capture with the option to skip weekends. And it's great to be able to easily monitor the progress."



Personal Project

"Exceptional affordability combined with a visually appealing online LiveView interface and intuitive ease of use set this product apart from the rest."



Future Fabrik

"It has everything we needed for our several months long construction timelapses! Remote control, live information, instant upload to cloud from cellular networks. You can easily change start/stop times, days or other settings on an ongoing timelapse. All in one handy package!"



Film United

Turn a phone into a 
Construction Camera!

Experience the Power of TimelapseRobot in Real Projects

Shot with

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This project demonstrates the incredible potential of our weatherproof smartphone housing, now available in our shop.

Discover the Irresistible
Features of TimelapseRobot!


Stay in the loop with TimelapseRobot's monitoring feature, designed to keep your construction camera running smoothly. Check your site anytime for updates and ensure everything is on track effortlessly. Stay connected, stay in control.

Dashboard of TimelapseRobot

More information for

What is TimelapseRobot?

TimelapseRobot is an innovative web application designed to transform moments captured by various shooting devices, such as Android smartphones, GoPros, and other compatible cameras, into captivating timelapse videos. It provides users with a seamless platform to effortlessly connect their devices, upload images to an FTP server, observe, download, share, and render these images into stunning timelapse videos. This platform empowers users to creatively document their experiences and projects, offering a unique way to visualize and share their stories.

Do I need an extra smartphone for this?

If you plan on using a phone as your shooting device: Yes, because this means that you mount a smartphone over a long period of time on a fixed location. This mounted smartphone can be an old, spare one, that you've got lying around anyway. Or maybe an extra bought one fitting your projects budget!

Does it work with Gopros?

Not yet, but we're on it! Join our mailing list for the latest updates on this exciting development!

What is an FTP-Camera?

An FTP camera refers to surveillance cameras capable of taking interval photos and uploading them to an FTP server. By connecting these cameras to our FTP server, you can harness TimelapseRobot to craft mesmerizing timelapse videos using the images they capture.

Does it work on iPhone too?

If opting for a phone as the shooting device, it must be an Android device to support our Android app. Remote controlling this shooting device can happen from any phone (Android or iPhone), laptop, PC or Mac via our Web-App. So controlling an Android phone via an iPhone is possible, but at the moment not the other way around.

Do I need to purchase a weatherproof housing?

No. You can use the TimelapseRobot app without our housing or even build your own!

How do the subscription models work?

We provide several subscription plans, including free and paid options. Each camera linked to your TimelapseRobot account must be associated with one of these plans. This setup enables you to combine different plans if you're operating multiple cameras simultaneously and pay only for the duration you require. It's important to note that having a TimelapseRobot Account and using our community features has always been and will remain free.

Does it work with DSLRs?

Not yet, but we're on it! Join our mailing list for the latest updates on this exciting development!

What is the TimelapseRobot Community?

TimelapseRobot is more than an app; it's a community-driven project where your voice matters. Our community is the cornerstone of this collaborative initiative. Stay informed about TimelapseRobot's progress, seek help, share new ideas, or simply engage in lively timelapse discussions. It's an inclusive space open to everyone – whether you're using TimelapseRobot or just passionate about timelapse. It is completely free and always will be!

Will the smartphone overheat?

Smartphones may potentially overheat, but this largely depends on the specific smartphone model and its capabilities. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against overheating due to varying device specifications. For locations with higher temperatures, we recommend using GoPros as they are more resilient in such conditions. If you intend to mount a smartphone outdoors, we advise opting for an outdoor-compatible smartphone and positioning the mount in shaded areas to mitigate overheating risks.

Is this enough storage space?

Yes, our paid plans are tailored to suit a typical 12-month project. If you need more space, it's easy to add extra storage. Just a heads up, our free plan is best for trying out TimelapseRobot, but will not cover a 12-month project due to limited space.

Still have unanswered questions?

Explore more FAQs in our community or simply reach out via our Contact Form. We can't wait to hear from you!

The faces and hearts behind TimelapseRobot

Since 2013, Filmspektakel GmbH has been the timelapse trailblazer, jet-setting across the globe crafting epic videos for top brands like National Geographic, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. Picture this: In 2014, we pondered over construction timelapse and thought, 'Could we work magic with software?' Cue our brainchild, TimelapseRobot! What's our secret sauce? We're not your run-of-the-mill software squad; we're passionate creators with a knack for construction timelapse and film production. 

office of filmspektakel

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