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Construction Timelapse
with a Smartphone

Install the Timelapserobot App (beta version) on a spare Android Smartphone and turn it into a powerful long term timelapse camera.

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The most affordable and easiest way to create construction timelapse videos!

Smartphone in weatherproof box

The easiest way to create
Construction Timelapse Videos

TimelapseRobot app in Google Play Store

Step 1

Install the beta-version of our app on a spare Smartphone

Take a spare Android Smartphone. This can be an old one you don't even use anymore or simply buy a cheap one for your project. Install our TimelapseRobot App, which is available in the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Mount the Smartphone anywhere

Mount this Smartphone with our App installed anywhere you want, where it can stay over months to capture the process. If mounted outside we recommend our weatherproof box to protect your shooting device.

Weatherproof Smartphone Housing
Connection between phone and laptop

Step 3

Connect your Smartphone to your TimelapseRobot Account

Enter the code, generated in your TimelapseRobot-Account into the Smartphone-App to link this Smartphone to your account.

Step 4

Connection established

The Smartphone is now linked to your TimelapseRobot-Account and you can start to remote control it from anywhere in the world via internet connection.

Laptop with screenshot of Dashboard

Transform a spare Smartphone into a Professional Construction Timelapse Camera 

Capture Timelapse Videos of Construction Sites, Plant Growth or any other Long Term Timelapse Project with ease.

Monitor everything

Each camera has its own dashboard, where you can gather important information about your camera at one glance.

Monitor if your camera has a connection to our servers, your cameras battery level and several other important parameters.

Screenshot of Dashboard Tab


Protect your mounted Smartphone from all weather conditions by purchasing our weather proof housing. Also find a good selection of mounting options for different surfaces.
You are missing a mounting option? Use our community to find a suitable workaround or ask for help!

Our app is out for beta-testing!
Sign up to TimelapseRobot and start shooting your Long Term Timelapse videos


Join the

 TimelapseRobot is a community project. We help each other out and build this platform together.

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